Our Corporate Conscience

Finding a healthy balance of environmental, social and economic impact for sustainable growth.

Improving the health of patients is where we start with our responsibility to our community. Working in healthcare together with a worldwide network of dental health partners, across a range of products, services and solutions comes with an inherent respect for sustainability.

We are continuously innovating, investing and growing our durable business. Our commitment to building a solid foundation means strong corporate governance, the highest business ethics, sustainable practices, quality work products, and a reliable supply chain.

How can you make a difference?

We need your help to solve the global sustainability challenge.
This is why we are encouraging our customers and business partners to join us in the process in making a better tomorrow. 

You can join the crusade by:

Reducing the amount of plastic container used to send items to our laboratory.

Using ecofriendly cardboard boxes to pack your cases.

Recycling the cardboard boxes we send your cases in and using that in your packing process.

Download centre:

We are happy to help by providing updated information and advice on a regular basis to ensure a smooth transition.