Splint/Orthodontic Colour Chart

Our mouthguards and orthodontic appliances are available in an array of different colours. Orthodontic appliances also have a variety of different icons for you to choose from.

Download our colour chart to view the selection.

Colour Chart

Mouthguard Specifications

Mouthguards are essential for anyone playing a sport that could result in facial injury. The correct mouthguard should be chosen depending on the level of impact that occurs while undertaking physical activity. See below for mouthguard specifications.
Type Thickness Application Remarks
Junior 3mm non-contact sports (junior) Gymnastics, Figure Skating, Skateboarding
Standard 5mm non-contact sports (adult) Intense Cycling, Rock Climbing, Weight-Iifting
Professional 6mm + 3mm hard labial insert Heavy contact sport where hard, pointed blows may be recived by the jaw Rugby, Boxing, Wrestling