Implant Full Arch Restorations

Full arch implant supported restorations are an excellent treatment option for the treatment of edentulous or partly-edentulous patients. With a range of options to choose from, enjoy the benefits of high end aesthetics  and durability to suit any of your patient requirements. Based on your material choice, Southern Cross Dental uses tried and tested traditional laboratory techniques and cutting-edge CAD/CAM Process to deliver you the results you are looking for, at excellent value.


         Full Arch Zirconia Bridgework
         For Aesthetics & Durability ensuring best-of-both Worlds

  • One of the most durable treatment options for the restoration of an entire dental arch.
  • Offers up to 1200 mPA flexural strength and very resitant to staining.
  • Provides ease of retrievability by connecting into the implant fixtures using a titanium base for screw-retained restorations.
  • 5 year Guarantee 
  • Available with Layered and Non-layered Zirconia (PFZ)


 Full Arch PFM Bridgework
 When Strength is Paramount

  • Suitable for a majority of full arch cases for either screw retained or cement retained restorations.
  • Restoration material is very resistant to staining.
  • Provides predictable bonding of veneering porcelain to the metal framework.
  • Choice between non-precious alloys (Nickel and Beryllium free) and Titanium (PFTi  exclusive to Australia.)
  • Optimum physical characteristics with the benefit of excellent rigidity for long-span bridges.
  • 5 year Guarantee 



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Price include Soft tissue implant model and 4 x Lab Analog