Our Australian Made Quest Range is crafted with the latest technology and consistently monitored for accuracy and precision. Quest delivers to the highest standards and quality.

The Quest range is now offering Quick Quest crowns with a three day in-lab turnaround on two selected superior materials – so you can make the most of your patient’s – and your practice’s day.

Quick Quest FMZir Crown

Zirconia-based restorations are suitable for a wide range of crown and bridge applications, for anterior and most posterior crown and bridge requirements. Zirconia ceramics are used for fixed restorations as a framework due to their mechanical and optical properties.

More information on FMZir

Quick Quest UZir Ultra Translucent Crown

UZir Ultra Translucent is a new formula of zirconia, offering a unique combination of translucency and strength. This product is a breakthrough given the strength of UZir is higher than more translucent alternatives

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Quick Quest IPS emax® Crown

IPS e.max® is the ultimate in metal-free aesthetics and durability, offering high-strength materials for both the PRESS and the CAD/CAM technique.

More information on IPS e.max®

Quick Quest VITA ENAMIC® Crown

VITA ENAMIC® is a hybrid material which combines the characteristics of a ceramic and a composite, employed for use with CAD/CAM technology.

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Take advantage of our competitive prices, reliability and fast turnaround throughout Australia.


Terms & Conditions Apply
Quick Quest range excludes bridges. Quick Quest crowns hours begins from the time the case is received & booked into our system. The three day turnaround period does not include transit time – only in-lab duration. The crown will be despatched within three in-lab days or at the close of the third 24 hour period. Our turnaround time offer is only applicable for single unit crown in 100% zirconia and IPS e.max®. In-lab delays may occur if we are not provided with the correct information, technical information is required or there is a problem with the impression, in which case the guarantee will not apply.